Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide domestic and imported products purchased from New Zealand producers and wholesalers. All products are selected for quality and of course always best value.

Why a website

With the investment in stock and the demands of everyday life, our aim is to make the stock we have available to people who may not be able to make it to The Store. With increasing on line sales we have stock to offer that is the same QUALITY AND PRICE as what we carry in the shop.You have the convenience of shopping at home and the freight bill is less than the gas you could spend to get here.

What we do

We make things during the week to sell on the website and at The Store. The woodwork items are primarily made by us, rolling pins, serving trays, chopping, serving and bread boards, as are the tea cosies. Sheepskins from our own sheep,  also the cleaned carded wool ready for spinning comes from our small lifestyle block in Pahiatua. We supplement this by buying in quality products to sell to our customers.


It is important to us that the quality of goods you receive is of a high standard. We inspect items before they are shipped and as they are packed for shipping. If an item is in our opinion not suitable for sale we will select another. If we have no stock because of this policy we will refund your money or hold the order until a replacement arrives. Of course after speaking with you.


It is impossible to guess at freight/delivery based on the fact that some items weigh more and some items are bigger. Prices in The Store and prices on the website may vary on the odd occassion to reflect this fact. Freight prices for additional items are set at a guesstimate for freight. I would like to think the final freight price is a win/win but where there is a win/lose, I'll contact you to arrange a refund where possible.